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The Phoebe Snow Company is offering the book collection from a well known historian and author.  The collection consists of several hundred books.  The current books available for sale are listed here.  Please use the form at the end of this page to order.  We will calculate a price with shipping.

Abdill, George B.  Civil War Railroads: A Pictorial Story of the War Between the States, 1861-1865.  Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 1961/1999.  Hardcover.  Like New (Dust jacket Like new). $25.00

Adams, Charles Francis, Jr., and Adams, Henry.  Chapters of Erie.  Ithica, New York: Cornell University Press, 1956.  Paperback.  Very good (owner signature on frontpaper).  $15.00

Adams, Richard D.  The Lancaster Locomotive Works: 1853-1870. Saddlestiched paperback (26 pages).  Like New.  $5.00

Alexander, Edwin P.  Down at the Depot: American Railroad Stations from 1831 to 1920.  New York: Bramhall House, 1970.  Hardcover.  Very Good (Book in excellent condition with page edges yellowed lightly by age, Dustcover torn & small pieces missing on top edge front and back) $10.00

Alexander, Edwin P.  On the Main Line: The Pennsylvania Railroad in the 20th Century.  New York: Clarkson N. Potter, 1971.  Hardcover.  Very Good (Dust jacket shows wear along edges and a 2″ tear on fron lower right corner): $10.00

Allen, George J., and Summers, Gamin.  McGill: The Man, The Town, The Bar.  Self-published, 2015.  Paperback.  Like New.  $35.00

Anonymous.  Handbook 142; Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.  Washington, DC: National Park Service/U.S. Department of Labor, 1991. – Paperback.  Like New (Includes two stand-alone point-of-interest brochures). $6.00

Anonymous.  The Honesdale Branch of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad.  Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons, 2002.  Saddlestitched paperback (34 pages).  Like New. $8.00

Anonymous.  Rider’s Guide to the Mt. Hood Railroad: 100th Anniversary Edition.  Hood River, Oregon: Mt. Hood Railroad, 1988.  Saddlestitched paperback (32 pages).  Very Good.  $5.00

Anonymous.  Train Shed Cyclopedia No. 1: Locomotives Selected from the 1922 Locomotive Cyclopedia.  Novato, CA: Newton K. Gregg, 1972.  Paperback.  Very good (Slight scuff-wear on cover).  $5.00

Anonymous.  Train Shed Cyclopedia No. 3: Box, Stock & Refrigerator Cars from the 1931 Car Builders Cyclopedia.  Novato, CA: Newton K. Gregg, 1972.  Paperback.  Very good (Slight scuff-wear on cover). $5.00

Anonymous.  Train Shed Cyclopedia No. 40: Locomotive Cabs and Fittings (Part 1) from the 1927 Locomotive Cyclopedia.  Novato, CA: Newton K. Gregg, 1975. Saddle-stich (Stapled) paperback.  Very good (Slight scuff-wear on cover).  $5.00

Arbogast, Terry E.  West of Cumberland Old Main Line: Book One.  Fainmonth, West Virginia: Glover Gap Graphics LLC, 2015.  Hardcover.  Like New (Signed by author).  $65.00

Bain, David Haward.  Empire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad.  New York: Penguin Group, 1999.  Hardcover.  Like New.  $15.00

Ball, Don, Jr.  Portrait of the Rails: From Steam to Diesel.  New York: Galahad Books, 1972.  Good (Dust cover with edge tears and handling marks, To-From gift inscription inside front cover).  $5.00

Barry, Steve.  Railroads: A History in Photographs (The 500 Series).  St. Paul, MN: Crestline (MLB Publishing Company), 2002. Paperback.  Like New (small corner crease on bottom-right front cover). $20.00

Barry, Steve.  Railroad Rolling Stock.  Minneapolis: MBI Publishing Company, 2008. — Like New  $5.00

Beaver, Roy C.  The Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad: 1869-1969.  San Marino, California: Golden West Books, 1969.  Hardcover.  Very Good for age (Dust jacket has light wear along edges, “To” inscription facing title page) $25.00

Beberdick, Frank.  Chicago’s Historic Pullman District.  Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia Publishing, 1998.  Paperback.  Like New.  $15.00

Beebe, Lucius, and Clegg, Charles.  The Age of Steam.  New York: Promontory Press/Budget Book Service, Inc., 1994.  Like New.  $19.50

Beebe, Lucius.  Highball: A Pageant of Trains.  New York: Bonanza Books (reprint), 1945. Very Good (Dust jacket lightly worn along edges) $10.00

Beebe, Lucius.  High Iron: A Book of Trains.  New York: Bonanza Books (reprint), 1938.  Very Good (dust jacket lightly worn along edges)  $10.00

Beebe, Lucius.  Mixed Train Daily: A Book of Short Line Railroads.  New York: E. P. Dutton & Company, 1947.  Very Good (No dust jacket, One color illustration loose) $30.00

Beebe, Lucius.  Trains in Transition.  New York: Bonanza Book, 1941 (reprint).  Very Good (Dust jacket shows where along the edges) $5.00

Beebe, Lucius, and Clegg, Charles.  The Trains We Rode, Volumes 1 & 2.  New York: Promontory Press (Howell-North Books, 1965, 1966), 1990.  With Dust jacket Like New.  $17.50

Benson, Ted.  One Track Mind: Photographing Essays on Western Railroading.  Erin, Ontario, Canada: The Boston Mills Press, 1999.  Hardcover.  Like new (Dust jacket has trace of a price sticker on front, slight curling of upper front edge).  $20.00

Bewes, Diccon.  Slow Train to Switzerland: One Tour, Two Trips, 150 years — and a World of Change Apart.  Boston: Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2014.  Hardback.  Like New.  $14.00

Bezilla, Michael.  Electric Traction on the Pennsylvania Railroad 1895-1968.  State College, Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1981.  Hardcover.  Like New (Dust jacket like new). $125.00

Bezilla, Michael, and Rudnicki, Jack.  Rails to Penn State: The Story of the Bellefonte Central.  Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania: Stackploe Books, 2007.  Hardcover.  Like new (Dust jack like new, Inscribed by both authors). $30.00

Bibel, George.  Train Wreck: The Forensics of Rail Disasters.  Hardcover.  Like New (Dust Jacket Like New).  Hardcover.  Like New (Dust jacket Like New).  $30.00

Borkowski, Richard C., Jr.  Union Railroad In Color.  Scotch Plains, New Jersey: Morning Sun Books, Inc,, 2001.  Hardback.  Like new (Dust jacket like new) $150.00

Botkin, B. A., and Harlow, Alvin.  A Treasury of Railroad Folklore: The Stories, Tall Tales, Traditions, Ballads and Songs of the American Railroad Man.  New York: Bonanza Books, 1953.  Hardcover (No dustcover).  Good (Some spine wear).  $11.00

Boyd, Jim.  Southern Pacific in Color: Volume 4 (The Tunnel Motor Era. 1971-1980).  Scotch Plains, NJ, Morning Sun Books, Inc., 2003. Hard cover (with dust jacket).   Like New.  $45.00

Boyd, Jim.  The Steam Locomotive: A Century of North American Classics.  New York: Andover Junctions Publications, 2000. — Hard Cover/Dust Jacket.  Like New. $50.00

Bromley, Joseph.  Clear the Tracks.  New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., 1943.  Hardcover.   Good (Book is sealed in plastic wrap, dust jacket shows heavy wear, pages appear tanned by age.)  $30.00

Brouws, Jeff.  The Call of Trains: Railroad Photographs of Jim Shaughnessy.  New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2008.  Hardback.  Very Good (Dust jacket in tact, shows some light smudges. $30.00

Brown, Dee.  Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow: Railroads in the West.  New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1977.  Hardcover.  Very Fine (Page edges light yellow from age.  Dust jacket lightly curled on top front).  $14.00

Buder, Stanley.  Pullman: An Experiment in Industrial Order and Community Planning, 1880-1930.  New York: Oxford University Press, 1967.  Paperback.  Like New.  $15.00

Burgess, George H, and Kennedy, Miles C.  Centennial History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company: 1846-1946.  Philadelphia: The Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 1949.  Hardback.  Very Good.  $50.00

Byron, Carl R.  A Pinprick of Light: The Troy and Greenfield Railroad and its Hoosac Tunnel.  Shelburne, Vermont: The New England Press, Inc., 1974.  Paperback.  Like New (1995 printing, Author contact information printed in pencil on title page).  $45.00

Caldes, Charles P.  Jersey City’s Hudson River Waterfront: Book One, The Pennsylvania Railroad 1941-1964.  Ridgefield, New Jersey: Journal Square Publishing, 2009.  Paperback.  Like new. $45.00

Caldes, Charles P.  Jersey City’s Hudson River Waterfront: Book Two, LV, CNJ, Erie, DL&W and EL 1(941-1964).  Ridgefield, New Jersey: Journal Square Publishing, 2010.  Paperback.  Like New. $50.00

Caloroso, Bill.  Pennsylvania Railroad’s Elmira Branch.  Andover, New Jersey: Andover Publications, 1993.  Paperback.  Very good (Spine cover shows seams)  $50.00

Carpenter, Richard C.  A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946: Volume 4, Illinois, Wisconsin & Upper Michigan.  Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011. Hardcover.  Like New. $70.00

Carr, Stephen L.  Heber Valley Railroad: History in Motion — History and Mile-by-Mile Route Guide.  Heber City, Utah: Heber Valley Historic Railroad Authority, 1999.   Saddlestiched paperback (56 pages).  Like New. $5.00

Carr, Stephen L., and Edwards, Robert W.  Utah Ghost Rails.  Salt Lake City: Western Epics, 1989/1998 (Secodn Printing).  Paperback.  Like New (Upper right front cover has 1/4″ bend back) $8.00

Caro, Ina.  Paris to the Past: Traveling Through French History by Train.  New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2011.  Paperback.  Like New.  $5.00

Carwardine, William H.  The Pullman Strike: The Classic First-Hand Account of an Epoch-Making Struggle in U.S. Labor History (Reprint of 1894 Original).  Chicago: Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company, 1994.  Paperback.  Like New (Full publisher contact information penciled in on title page).  $15.00

Castner, Charles, Chapman, Robert E., and Dorin, Patrick C.  Louisville & Nashville Passenger Trains: The Pan-American Era, 1921-1971. TLC Publishing , Inc., 1999.  Hardback.  Like New (Inscribed to buyer).  $60.00.

Chang, Gordon H.  Ghosts of Gold Mountain: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad.  New York: Houghton Mifflin Hrcourt, 2019.  Like new.  $11.00

Chant, Christopher.  The History of North American Rail.  Edison, NJ: Chartwell Books, Inc. (Regency House Publishing Ltd.): 2007.  Paperback.  Like new.  $20.00

Chateauvert, Melinda.  Marching Together: Women of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.  Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press,1998.  Paperback.  Like new.  $17.00

Clamp, Cathy, and Adams, C. T.  Road to Riches: The Great Railroad Race to Aspen.  Montrose, Colorado: Western Reflections Publishing Company, 2003.  Paperback.  Like New.  $6.00

Clarke, Alan.  West Virginia Central and Pittsburg Railway: A Western Maryland Predecessor.  Lynchburg, VA: TLC Publishing Inc., 2003.  Hard cover.  Like New.  $20.00

Cohen, Bob.  A Trip by Rail in the Shenandoah Valley on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and the Southern Railway.  CITY: Self-published hardcover, 2013.  Like new (Hardback).  $10.00

Cole, Wayne A.  Western Allegheny Railroad Company: Ghost Rails Volume II.  Darlington, Pennsylvania: Cole Books, 2006.  Hardcover.  Like New (Signed by author, 16-page color signature in tact). $45.00

Combs, Barry B.  Westward to Promontory Building the Union Pacific Across the Plains and Mountains.  New York: Garland Books, 1969.  Hardcover (Dust jacket in tact, worn along the edges).  Near fine (pages lightly yellowed along the edges due to age).  $10.00

Cupper, Dan (Ed.).  The Pennsylvania Railroad: Its Place in History 1846-1996 — A Brief History and Research Guide.  Wayne, Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Chapter, Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society, 1996.  Saddle stapled.  Very good, light wear to cover. $20.00

Cupper, Dad.  Rockville Bridge: Rails Across the Susquehanna.  Halifax, Pennsylvania: Withers Publishing, 2002.  Paperback.  Like New/1st Printing/Inscribed by author. $90.00.

Daniels, Rudolph L.  The Great Railroad War: United States Railway Operations During World War I.  Pompton Plains, New Jersey: The Garbely Publishing Co., 2017.  Paperback.  Like New (Author inscription to the owner).  $20.00

Daniels, Rudy.  Trains Across the Continent: North American Railroad History, 2nd edition.  Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2000.  Hardcover.  Like New.  $24.00

Davis, Patricia T.  End of the Line: Alexander J. Cassatt and the Pennsylvania Railroad.  New York: Neale Watson Academic Publications, Inc., 1978.  $75.00

Dellinger, E. S.  Railroad Stories: #2 The Legend of King Lawson.  Sunrise, FL: Bold Venture Press, 2015.  Paperback.  Like new.  $17.00

DeNevi, Don.  America’s Fighting Railroads.  Missoula, MT: Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, 1996.  Like new.  $10.00

Dixon, Stuart Paul; Griffitts, Eric; and Pendleton, Philip.  The Honesdale Branch of the Delaware & Hudson Railroad: Rails Through Canaan.  Washington, D.C.: U. S. Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons, 2004.  Paperback (Saddlestitched, staples).  Like new (Cover shows light wear on edges).  $45.00

Doty, Mrs. Duane.  The Town of Pullman: Its Growth with Brief Accounts of Its Industries.  Pullman, Illinois: T. P. Struhsacker, 1893 (Pullman Civic Organization reprint, 1974).  Paperback.  Like New (Spine may be weathered by age or by reprint publisher intentionally, given the “Like New” overall condition)  $30.00

Drury, George H.  Confessions of a Train Watcher: Four Decades of Railroad Writing by David P. Morgan.  Waukesha, Wisconsin: Kalmbach Publishing Co., 1997.  Hardcover.  Very good (Dust jacket has four imperceptible scratches). $40.00

Duffy, Edward W.  Philadelphia: A Railroad History.  Philadelphia, PA: Camino Books, Inc., 2013.  Like new.  $13.00

Durnst, Ephriam.  101 Trains on Stamps, Volume 1.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: CGR Publishing, 2021.  Paperback.  Like New. $22.00

Ellis, C. Hamilton.  The Lore of the Train.  New York: Grosset & Dunlap, Inc./Madison Square Press, 1971,  Hardcover (with dustjacket).  Very Good (pages show yellowing due to age).  $10.00

Feibelman, Walter A.  Rails to Pittsburgh.  Seattle: Superior Publishing Co., 1979.  Like New (Dust jacket shows light wear, gift inscription on end paper) $13.00

Fisher, Charles E.  Our First Locomotives.  San Francisco, California: Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc., 1943 (reprint from 1998).  Saddlestitched Paperback.  Like New (42 pages).  $10.00

Forney, Mathias N.  The Car-Builders Dictionary: An Illustrated Vocabulary of Terms Which Designate American Railroad Cars, Their Parts and Attachments (1879)  New York: The Railroad Gazette, 1879.  A replica/reprint: Kentfield, CA: Newton K Gregg, 1971.  Very good, Dust jacket has minor tears on top edge.  $30.00

Forney, Mathias N.  The Car-Builders Dictionary: An Illustrated Vocabulary of Terms Which Designate American Railroad Cars, Their Parts and Attachments (1888)  New York: The Railroad Gazette, 1888.  A replica/reprint: Kentfield, CA: Newton K Gregg, 1971.  Very good (Dust jacket is brittle and in pieces — not complete).  $30.00

Garver, Thomas H.  The Last Steam Railroad in America: Photographs by O. Winston Link.  New York: Borders, Inc./Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2008/1995.  With dust jacket like new. $65.00

Geletzke, Charles H., Jr., and Hague, Wilbur E.  The Detroit & Toledo Short Line Railroad: “Expressway for Industry.”  Kutztown Publishing Co., Inc.: Kutztown, Pennsylvania, 2011.  Hardcover.  Like new (Dustjacket) (To-From inscription inside front cover). $50.00

George, Michael, and Strack, Frank.  Pasage Through Time: Great Smokey Mountains Railroad Milepost Guide.  Collegedale, Tennessee: The College Press, 2000.  Paperback.  Like New.  $30.00

George, Michael.  Southern Railway’s Murphy Branch.  Collegedale, Tennessee: The College Press: 1996.  Paperback.  Very good (Cover has torn price sticker). $65.00

Goddard, Stephen B.  Getting There: The Epic Struggle Between Road and Rail in the American Century.  New York: Basic Books, 1994.  Hardcover w dustjacket.  Like New (Inscribed by author).  $8.00

Grant, H. Roger, (Ed.).  Richard C. Overton: Railroad Historian.   Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: The Lexington Group, Inc., 1998.  Paperback.  Like New.  $10.00

Grant, John.  Great American Rail Journeys.  Guilford, CT: Driftwood Productions, Inc. 2000. Paperback.  Like New.  $5.00

Gray, Walter P., III, (et al).  Pictorial History of North American Railroads.  Lincolnwood, IL: Publications International, Ltd., 1996. — Hardcover (With dust jacket).  Like New  $30.00 (Avg.)

Gunnarsson, Robert L.  The Story of the Northern Central Railway: From Baltimore to Lake Ontario.  Sykesville, Maryland: Greenberg Publishing Company, Inc., 1991.  Hardcover.  Like New. $45.00

Harris, William H.  Keeping the Faith: A. Philip Randolph, Milton P. Webster, and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, 1925-1937.  Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 1977.  Hardcover.  Very good (Dust jacket Good [edges worn and spine lightly faded)  $25.00

Hawkins, Edwin D. (et. al.).  Railway Prototype Cyclopedia: RP CYC 5 — Vintage Box Car, WWII Troop Sleepers, URTCo. and MRC AC&F Wood Reefers, EMD F2 and Early F3, 1926/1929 A.R.A. Quadruple Hoppers, Prototype Track.  Chesterfield, MO: RP CYC Publishing Co., 2000.  Paperback.   Like New.  $30.00

Hirsch, Susan Eleanor.  After the Strike: A Century of Labor Struggle at Pullman.  Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 2003.  Hardcover.  Like New (Dust jacket like new). $60.00

Hiss, Tony.  In Motion: The Experience of Travel.  New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2010.  Hardcover (With dust jacket).  Like New (Dust jacket has light wear along edges).  $10.00

Hofsommer, Don L.  Minneapolis and the Age of Railways.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2005.  Hardcover.  Like New.  $28.00

Hollingsworth, Brian, and Cook, Arthur.  The Great Book of Trains.  London: Salamander Books Ltd. (Bedlow Editions Ltd.), 1987. Hardcover (No Dustjacket). Like New. $7.00

Hubert, Doug.  Tales of a Northwest Telegrapher: Experiences of a “Boomer” Opr., 1967-1977.  Stapled (A photocopy of a hand-printed, approximately 75 page, printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ white paper).  Good condition.  $5:00

Huxtable, Nils.  Classic North American Steam.  New York: Smithmark Publishers, Inc., 1990. Hardcover (With dust jacket).  Like New (Book) (Light cover wear, 1″ tear in upper left front spine).  $5.00

Isaacs, Aaron.  Twin Ports by Trolley: The Streetcar Era in Duluth-Superior.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2014.  Hardcover.  Like new (Signed by author).  $60.00

Jensen, Oliver.  The American Heritage History of Railroads in America.  New York: Bonanza Books/American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc., 1975.  Very Good, some wear and one tear in dust jacket) $12.00

Johnson, Carla.  Union Pacific and Omaha Union Station: A History of Union Pacific Railroad Passenger Stations in Omaha, Nebraska, 1866-1971.  David City, Nebraska: South Platte Press, et. al., 2001.  Paperback.  Like New.  $16.00

Jones, Jil.  Conquering Gotham: A Gilded Age Epic – The Construction of Penn Station and Its Tunnels.  New York: Viking Group, 2007.  $13.00

Klein, Maury.  The Life and Legend of Jay Gould.  Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1986. — Like New.  $30.00

Kisor, Henry.  Zephyr: Tracking a Dream Across America.  New York: Times Books/Random House, 1994.  Hardcover.  Like New.  $30.00

Knous, Bill, and Knous, Sue.  Railroadiana: The Official Price Guide for the Year 2000 and Beyond.  Denver, Colorado: RRM Publishing, 2000.  Paperback.  Very Good (Small chip on right edge front cover). $60.00

Kobus, Ken, and Consoli, Jack.  The Pennsy in the Steel City: 150 Years of the Pennsylvania Railroad in Pittsburgh.  Upper Darby, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Railroad Historical & Technical Society, 1997.  Paperback.  Like New (Includes freestanding fold-out multi-panel map). $45.00

Kobus, Ken, and Consoli, Jack.  The Pennsylvania Railroad’s Golden Triangle: Main Line Panorama in the Pittsburgh Area.  Upper Darby, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Railroad Historical & Technical Society, 1998.  Paperback.  Like New (Includes freestanding multi-panel foldout map).  $55.00

Kooistra, Blair, Belmont, Jim, and Gayer, Dave.  Crossroads of the West: A Photographic Look at Fifty Years of Railroading in Utah.  Pasadena, California: Pentrex Media Group, 1998.  Hardcover (W/dust jacket).  Like New. $50.00

Kyper, Frank.  Tracks Around Mount Union.  Pompton Plains, New Jersey: The Garbley Publishing Company, 2017.  Paperback.  Like New.  $45.00

Lancaster County Historical Society.  Cars, Trains, Buggies & Planes: Transportation in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Lancaster, PA: Lancaster County Historical Society, 2005.  Like new.  $18.00

Laut, Agnes.  The Romance of the Rails; The Story of the American Railroads.  New York: Tudor Publishing Company, 1936.  Hardcover.  Good condition (No dust jacket, Bookplate inside front cover, Weathered appropriate to age [97 years old]). $7.00

Lavender, David.  The Great Persuader: A Major Biography of the greatest of all the Railroad Moguls, Collis P. Huntington.  Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1970.  Hardcover.   Very Good (Book) (Dustjacket: Heavy wear around edges; Pages: Lightly tanned by age.)  $30.00

Lee, Fred J.  Casey Jones: Epic of the American Railroad.  Kingsport, Kentucky: Southern Publishers, Inc., 1939.  Hardcover.  Good (Dust jacket tattered along edges, protected in plastic, binding solid).  $25.00

LeRoy, Edwin D.  The Delaware and Hudson Canal: A History.  Honesdale, Pennsylvania: The Wayne County Historical Society, 1950.  Paperback.  Like New.  $10.00

Leslie, Vernon.  Honesdale and the Stourbridge Lions (Enlarged Edition)  Honesdale, Pennsylvania: Wayne County Historical Society, 1994.  Paperback (Very Fine).  $25.00

Lewie, Chris J.  Two Generations on the Allegheny Portage Railroad: The First Railroad to Cross the Allegheny Mountains.  Shippensburg, Pennsylvania: Burd Street Press, 2001.  Paperback.  Like New (Author signed message to buyer).  $10.00

Lindsey, Almont.  The Pullman Strike: The Story of a Unique Experiment and of a Great Labor Upheaval.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1942/1964.  Paperback.  Very Good (Cover appears faded, apparently lightly handled).  $20.00

Lorenzo, Robert V., and Clark Jr., Nathan S.  Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad in Color.  Edison, nJ: Morning Sun Books, Inc., 1994.  Hardback.  Like New (Some edge wear on dust jacket, small postal address inside front cover).  $35.00

Malone, Michael P.  James J.Hill: Empire Builder of the Northwest.  Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1996.  Hardcover (With dust jacket).  Like New. $10.00

Martin, Albro.  Railroads Triumphant: The Growth, Rejection & Rebirth of a Vital American Force.  New York: Oxford University Press, 1992.  Hardback.  Very Good. (1/4″ tear on dust cover). $10.00

Mayer, Lynne Rhodes, and Vose, Kenneth E.  Makin’ Tracks: The Story of the Transcontinental Railroad in the Pictures and Words of the Men Who Were There.  New York: Praeger Publishers, 1975.  Hardcover (Front cover slightly warped, Dust jacket in tact, worn along the edges).  Very good (pages lightly yellowed on edges due to age).  $6.00

McCaque, James.  The Big Ivy.  New York: Crown Books, 1955 (Fiction).  Paperback, (lite wear to cover, pages tanned by age.)  Good.  $3.00

McCommons, James.  Waiting on a Train: The Embattled Future of Passenger Rail Service — A Year Spent Riding Across America.  Paperback.  Good (Library book, Creases to cover, Spine lightly creased, Otherwise clean). $5.00

McCommons, James.  Waiting on a Train: The Embattled Future of Passenger Rail Service — A Year Spent Riding Across America.  Paperback.  New. $10.00

McGonigal, Robert S.  Heart of the Pennsylvania Railroad: The Main Line — Philadelphia to Pittsburgh (The Golden Years of Railroading Series).  Kalmbach Publishing Co., 1996.  Paperback.  Like New, Minor wear along cover edges.  $30.00

McPherson, James Alan, and Williams, Miller.  Railroad Trains and Train People in American Culture.  New York: Random House, 1976.  Hardcover (Library binding). Shows light wear, pages lightly tanned due to age, 3 library stickers.  $7.00

Mercer, Lloyd.  E. H. Harriman: Master Railroader.  Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1985.  Hardcover (No dust jacket).  Like New.  $20.00

Middleton, William D.  “Yet There Isn’t a Train I Wouldn’t Take.”  Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2000.  Hardcover,  Like New (Dustjacket Like New). $15.00

Miner, Craig.  A Most Magnificent Machine: America Adopts the Railroad, 1825-1862.  Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas, 2010.  Hardcover.  Like New (Dust jacket Like New).  $25.00

Moedinger, William M.  The Road to Paradise: The Story of the Rebirth of the Strasburg Rail Road.  Lancaster, Pennsylvania: The Strasburg Rail Road Ship: 1983.  Paperback (Stapled saddleback).  Fine (Cover shows light wear, no damages)   $3.00

Morgan, David P.  The Mohawk That Refused to Abdicate and Other Tales.  Milwaukee: Kalmbach Publishing Co., 1975.  Hardcover.  Very Good (Dust jacket shows wear and one tear).  ABEBOOKS — Midway Book Store, St. Paul, MN: $50.00

Newby, Eric.  The Big Red Train Ride: A Ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway.  New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1978.  Hardcover.  Like New (light smudges on dust jacket). $16.00

Ogburn, Charlton.  Railroads: The Great American Adventure.  Washington, DC: National Geographic Society, 1977.   Hardcover.  Very Good (Dust cover Good with wear and tear on upper and lower edges).  $5.00

Owens, Dale A. (Ed.).  Mad River & Nickel Plate Railroad Society Museum: An Anthology.  New Washington, Ohio: Belleview Gazette, 2010.  Paperback.  Like New.  $10.00

Pindel, Terry.  Making Tracks: An American Railroad Odyssey.  New York: Grove Weidenfeld, 1990.  $8.00

Posey, Sam.  Playing with Trains: A Passion Beyond Scale. New York: Random House, 2004.  Hardcover (with quality dust cover).  Hardcover.  Like New (light curling along upper dust jacket. $5.00

Repp, Stan.  Super Chief: Train of the Stars.  San Marino, California: Golden West Books, 1980.  Hardback (Dust jacket protected by plastic wrapper).  Very Good. $35.00

Rose, Alan.  20th Century Limited (Full-color Adult Diorama Cut-out Book).  Garden City, NY: Dolphin Book/Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1984.  Saddle stapled, cardstock.  Like New.  $65.00

Rubin, Louis D., Jr.  A Memory of Trains: The Boll Weevil and Others.  Columbia, South Carolina: University of South Carolina Press, 2000.  Hardback.  Like New.  $10.00

Runte, Alfred.  Allies of the Earth: Railroads and the Soul of Preservation.  Kirksville, Missouri: Truman State University Press,  2006.  Hardcover.  Like New (Dust Jacket Like New, Book inscribed to the buyer).  $20.00

Runte, Alfred.  Trains of Discovery: Western Railroads and the National Parks, 4th Ed.  Boulder, Colorado: Roberts Rinehart Publishers, 1998.  Paperback.  Like New.  $12.00

Ruth, Philip.  Of Pulleys and Ropes and Gear: The Gravity Railroads of T Delaware and Hudson Canal Company and the Pennsylvania Coal Company.  Honesdale, PA: The Wayne County Historical Society, 1997.  Very good, Light ware on edges of the cover. $22.00

Salsbury, Stephen.  No Way to Run a Railroad:The Untold Story of the Penn Central Crisis.  New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1982.  Hardcover.  Like New (Dust jacket Like New). $50.00

Sanders, D. G.  The Brasspounder.  Hawthorne Books, 1978.   Paperback.  New.  $9.00

Sayenga, Donald.  Ellet and Roebling.  York, Pennsylvania: The American Canal and Transportation Center, 1983.  Saddlestitched paperback (59 pages).  Like New (pages lightly yellowed from age.  $10.00

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