Reading Company Freight Shippers Guide 1954

Reading Company Freight Shippers Guide 1954 – Reprint

This book was originally released at the peak of the postwar boom. Anthracite coal still was being mined in the region, the automobile and the truck had only just started to erode the traffic base. In this directory you will find a comprehensive list of the shippers using the railroad and well as the active stations and the facilities to handle freight along the railroad.

This book contains an alphabetical list of Stations and Facilities on the Reading as well as on the Ironton Railroad and the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines.

It also lists specific facilities such as Automobile Unloading, Cargo Piers, Cattle Chutes and Pens, Coal Colleries and Breakers, Coal Piers, Cranes, Grain Elevators, Hoists, Livestock Watering and Feeding Stations, Port Facilities, Public Storage Houses, Scales, Available Steamship Lines, and Switching Arrangements with the Baltimore and Ohio and the PRR in Philadelphia.

Softcover, 256 pages.


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