Pennsylvania Railroad Gotham Service Plate

Pennsylvania Railroad Gotham Service Plate


The Phoebe Snow Company has worked with the Homer Laughlin China Company, one of the oldest and most famous producers of hotel and railroad dining car china, to reproduce the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Gotham pattern dining car service plate.  This plate was used exclusively on the famous New York – Chicago Broadway Limited and was part of the styling introduced by famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy.  This pattern represents the streamlined version of the train introduced in 1949.

The Gotham plate was placed at the setting for each passenger to greet them as they would sit down for a meal.  Once the meal was served the Gotham plate was removed and replaced with various pieces of the Broadway pattern.

The reissue of this pattern represents a faithful reproduction of the originals with a special reproduction marking on the back to avoid any confusion with the originals.  These pieces will be a very limited issue, sure to be a keepsake and a collectible in their own right.

All resturant grade pieces are designed to be used every day and are dishwasher safe.


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