Dining By Rail

Dining By Rail: The History and Recipes of America’s Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine 
by James D. Porterfield

As those fortunate enough to have taken a ride on board the great passenger trains of North America at their peak will attest, no part of the experience survives so vividly in the memory as that of a sumptuous meal in the dining car: crisp linen, polished silver, fresh flowers, attentive service, the passing panorama of American life – all accompanied by great food.  Dining by Rail tells how that experience was created, recapturing the lively history of eating on the train and presenting more than 300 wonderful recipes that entertained and fortified the hungry traveler from coast to coast.

Jim Porterfield is a devotee of railroad history and a gourmet cook, and while preparing this book he sorted through 7,500 railroad recipes. Each of the recipes selected for the book have been tested and scaled for home use.  Full of authentic menus and classic recipes like Lobster Newburg, deviled eggs and blanc mange, Dining by Rail is the book for anyone who has ever dreamed of returning to the days of glamorous travel.

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