The Comprehensive Guide to Conrail Cabooses

The Comprehensive Guide to Conrail Cabooses by Rudy Garbely with The Conrail Historical Society.

The Garbely Publishing Company has partnered with The Conrail Historical Society to produce the definitive guide to Conrail cabooses. Authored by GPCo (and CRHS) president Rudy Garbely with contributions from The CRHS’s staff, this book will include all 35 classes of Conrail cabooses, complete with the histories of each class and stories from Conrail employees that worked on them. This book also contains information on cars that were destined for the Conrail roster, but never operated on Conrail.

The book includes over 600 color photos, 28 original Conrail car diagrams, and detailed roster entries for over 2,500 cabooses.

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