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Menu Medley – Spokane, Portland and Seattle

While most people think of the Spokane, Portland and Seattle for its role connecting to the Great Northern and the Northern Pacific, it did have an independent dining car department, although for many years it only had a single dining car!

SP&S 1958
Cover – 1958 Menu

1958 menu rear cover
1965 menu – front cover

1965 menu – rear cover

1939 SP&S publicity photo. Note the “northern Dogwood” pattern china on the tables.
SP&S postcard
SP&S car number 405, the “Columbia”, technically Burlington Northern in the 1972 photo.

The SP&S tended to use stock china patterns on its dining car(s):

The earlier “Northern Dogwood” pattern.
The earlier “Northern Dogwood” pattern.


We hope you enjoyed a look at SP&S dining car operations.

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